Professional Software Development and IT Services


Software Development

Our full-cycle application development services include project planning, development, implementation, testing and maintenance. Every aspects of the development is crafted, desinged and developed uniquely for each project with scalability in mind.


Mobile, Desktop, Web Application development

Our expert software developers create software products, mobile and desktop apps and operational systems for enterprise, government and funded start-ups using top of the notch technologies.


IT Services

We help businesses by handling all IT requirements and improving performance through better use of technology. We provide tailored, end-to-end IT support services to businesses, across a wide range of sectors, whether they work on Mac or Windows platforms we can help enable businesses to boost efficiency and to work securely from anywhere.


What can we do?

Turn your actual business or idea into a vertual reality! Let us take care of it from start to finish. From servers all the way to Mobile, windows or mac applications,


How we work

After contacting us, we work together to understand your needs and find the best strategy and map out how we will achieve your objectives and measure success. You will be in constant contact with our team. After finishing development, we are available to monitor and support the live project and can provide full maintenance and support, and constantly keep you on latest updates and security.

One stop shop to your success

We assist our customers in analyzing and identifying the apps/workloads that will benefit from migrating to a different technology stack or architecture. By modernizing and rethinking existing systems, you can improve performance.


Mobile Application, Web Application

Windows and Mac Software

We craft smart and beautiful iOS, Android, iPad & iPhone apps for businesses and startups. Our developers go that extra mile to make your app unique and more user friendly.

IT Solutions

Our IT support management and solution fits every situation.whether it's a from minimum Viable Product, UX/UI Services or help to scale your company.


We treat your Data as a source of valuable insights and a stepping-stone of advanced digital experiences for both the stakeholders and the end-users


Let computers take care of the business. Automation turns your business into a fully automatic and functional business. From taking orders, offering service all the way to answering phone calls are done through the automation system we develop.

Professional Software Development & IT Services

We help businesses get the most out of investment in modern technologies and obtain a competitive advantage, along with speed, scale, and security. Our clients go beyond the expected in performance, resilience, and business agility with a privileged access to DataArt engineers and our technological know-how.

Managing risks and business imperatives is not easy in the world where change is the only constant. DataArt shoulders this burden for you. We integrate security tools and implement best practices throughout the whole software development lifecycle to build secure, versatile solutions and business processes.

IT-asset management is challenging and often non-trivial. DataArt takes the lead in such technological dilemmas and streamlines IT-asset management, allowing you to focus on core business initiatives and consistently win strategic “value vs. money” battles, while we are responsible for best-in-class enterprise application development services and more.

We help modern enterprises solve complex tech challenges and increase liquidity, profitability, and business value with top-notch software. Along with technology consulting, we offer a full spectrum of enterprise software development services, so your company achieved business continuity and agility.

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